Cherisse Thibaut, MSW, LCSW

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Live video every Monday 10:00 -10:30a (CST) 

Our group will geek out on all things resiliency and secondary trauma like;
- emotional regulation/engagement
- cognitive behavioral skills
- somatic practices
- mission and value identification
- breath work and meditation
- Compassion skills
- Post traumatic growth

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Compassionate Speaker, Therapist and Child Advocate. 

Offering healing education through professional workshops, youtube videos, counseling and speaking engagements. Always asking, "How do you respond with love?," because it works… love works! 

Workshops are a safe and accepting space for communities and individuals to heal from secondary trauma and learn real skills to have a career and life filled with joy and meaning.

My goal is to champion and propel your healing, happiness and contribution to the world.  You are worthy, needed and so important. 

My Approach

I believe your health and happiness directly impacts your ability to feel and express love and to give your unique gifts to the world.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Over the past fifteen years I have worked in a wide range of therapeutic settings including: Child Advocacy Center, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center for children and a Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Center for adolescence. I have trained over 7,000 individuals in protecting children and in building resiliency skills while being exposed to trauma. 

My passion is providing trainings on professional resiliency to reducing burnout, remove compassion blocks and empower others to contribute from a place of love and wellness. 

My mentorship specialty includes working with helping professionals that may be experiencing stress and difficulties due to trauma exposure. I excel in helping other building radical self compassion and providing education on healing practices.

During my workshops, I provide a safe, accepting space for groups and individuals. Together we learn strategies and tools to live a life with joy and meaning. I look forward to supporting you and your team in your healing, happiness and contribution to the world.

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