Beyond Self Care: Thriving While Being Exposed to Secondary Trauma

 Learn the resiliency skills you deserve to thrive as a caring, helping professional.

 When your work involves being exposed to the suffering of others it is critical that you know, 1) How trauma impacts your body 2) Skills to take care of yourself while being exposed to trauma.

This workshop will provide practical, evidenced based practices to minimize burnout, remove compassion blocks and promote resiliency.

Participants will learn...
~ What happens in your brain and body when you are continuously/closely exposed to trauma. 
~ The warning signs of secondary traumatic stress. 
~ The unique needs professionals exposed to trauma must address to stay healthy and effective. 
~ How mindfulness and/or meditation reduces stress levels and increase cognitive functioning.
~ How breathing and movement can shift your body into a restorative state vs, fight, flight or freeze.
~ How journaling helps the brain process trauma events and improves problem solving abilities.
~ How practicing gratitude builds resilience and plays a major role overcoming trauma.
~ How positive affirmations, when internalized on a daily basis, can overcome negative beliefs, uplift mood and energy levels.

What Outcomes Can Be Expected After Training
~ Gain knowledge of the causes and warning signs of compassion strain and secondary traumatic stress.
~ Higher awareness of  feelings,  how to interrupt ruminating thoughts and complete the stress cycle to heal the impact of trauma. 
~ Gain direct experience of wellness practices proven to reduce stress; and make a plan to incorporate them into a daily practice. 
~ Obtain a variety of supportive resources to increase resilience for yourself and your team. 

Training Length:
2 to 2.5 hours
Workshop Length: 3 to 4 hours

Format: In person or  Zoom

Cost: $1,250 plus travel and expenses. Sliding scale offered for non profits. 

Content Procured From
“Trauma Stewardship: An Everyday Guide to Caring for Self while Caring for Others,” Laura van Dernoot Lipsky "
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“Burnout” Emily and Amelie Nagoski’s
“Atlas of the Heart,” Brene Brown

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"You are amazing!!!! " "Great information!" "Cherisse is an Amazing speaker!"

"She was the perfect leader for this workshop! Her voice was very soothing and calming. Very good information!"

"Everyone should go through this. This is the most helpful self care training I’ve gone through. Thank you for walking us through at work recovery! " 

"Such and important and relevant topic for all people working in the DV and SV fields. The presenter was amazing and made the resources easy to adapt to every day in our work lives!"

Missouri Domestic Violence Conference 2022

"Yes, yes, yes! Such an awesome presentation and so beneficial and applicable to the work we do…She was great!! Amazing ways to take care of me!!... Actually practiced and gave us tools during the presentation. Best one!! Fabulous….Best training of the day! Should be keynote," 

Child Advocates, Darkness to Light, Ending Child Sexual Abuse Conference 2019

Cherisse is a gifted speaker who shines with her healing presence. The level of compassion, love, dedication, and expertise that she brings to this work is not only unique but critical to helping others heal. I would highly recommend this session not only to organizations working with traumatized individuals, but also for individuals who want to deepen their awareness around self-care" .

Timmi K. , Self Care Participants

"Very passionate, terrific facilitator, made attendees feel comfortable." "Love your soft spoken voice. You do not show or make anyone feel judged."

Child Advocacy Center of Greater St.Louis

"This was so lovely. I didn't expect to be impacted as much as I was. ""Your presentation was enlightening and it was great to be part of it."

Beyond Self Care Participant 

"Cherisse's discussion of how meditation works was the best I've heard."

Beyond Self Care Participant

"Cherisse was an excellent presenter; she exudes calm and is a perfect example of how to exceed when life serves up a difficult situation that must be dealt with in order to reach one's goals and aspirations. 

Beyond Self Care Participant

"Cherisse, thank you for choosing to serve humanity in this capacity.

Beyond Self Care Participant

"Would love to see you in person.."Hearing WHY these things are important, why they work. And how easy I can add some of this to my day in just a few minutes.","you are amazing." "Well paced and great speech patterns (smooth toned well paced soothing voice)",

Beyond Self Care Participant

"The deep breathing, mindfulness and meditation exercises are always the most powerful for me! It's amazing to see how different my body and mind feel after these exercises.","Thank you, Cherisee! Your presence, voice, and tone are SO soothing and relaxing. This was my 3rd time doing a training and I gain new insights each time.",

Beyond Self Care Participant

"I felt I was in the presence of pure kindness! Cherisse radiates joy and understanding, and brings it out in others. The chat shows how much!"

Beyond Self Care Participant

"Thank you. I thought you made this topic, which seems to be everywhere right now, engaging and helpful. It felt fresh! I felt you were personal and you were engaged too."

Beyond Self Care Participant

You did a wonderful job and clearly cared about what you were talking about, especially with us. You are so passionate about what you do, and I admire that so much and appreciate the work that you do.

Beyond Self Care Participant

Gave me some real food for thought and changes I can make to better handle my own stresses.

Beyond Self Care Participant

"Cherisse, you are so good at what you do and at connecting with people. Thank you for giving of yourself so others can benefit. You do life changing things. This is the second time I've seen this presentation, and I wish we could have this every year"

Beyond Self Care Participant

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